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Magic Reindeer Food + Santa Key – The Mum Life



Capture and enhance the anticipation of Christmas Eve! 

⭐️1. Santa’s Magic Key 

When little people question how Santa gets into your home when you don’t have a chimney the answer is a magic key! Your Christmas Eve Box with come with Santa’s Magic Key. With a ‘vintage’ appeal and a little poem, the kids will be delighted to hang it on the door handle ready for St Nick’s arrival.


⭐️2. Magic Reindeer Food 

Guide Rudolph and his team this Christmas Eve with some magical reindeer food. Sprinkle the mix of oats and edible glitter in the yard – the glimmer in the moonlight will light the way for Santa and his sleigh and the reindeer will have something to eat after all their hard work!


Have 2 kids but only need one key? No problems!

Grab our bundle for two kids which will include:

⭐️ a Fun Christmas cracker bon-bon 

⭐️ 2 x Magic Reindeer Food

⭐️ 1 x Magic Santa key


Photo colour might be a little different from the actual product due to colour display of different monitors. Please note – bon-bon is only included with the 2 kids bundle.


Additional information

Weight 1000 kg

one child


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