Getting Ready For School

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Getting Ready For School

Whether it is the first day of big school for your child or the first day in a new grade, it can be a big change for them. New surroundings, new friends and new things to learn. It is a good idea to start getting your child excited about going to school before the big day. So that they are more prepared and ready to head into their new journey. By getting them prepared and excited it means that the drop off on the first day should be a lot smoother for everyone (not promising mum won’t shed a tear or two still) But how do you get them excited for the first day of school?


Get into a routine

It is a good idea to start getting back into a routine before the school year starts. During the school holidays routines can be a little all over the place. Which is fine, it is a time for them to have fun and enjoy themselves. But by bringing the routines back in a week or so before school starts back, it means that they are ready and don’t need to readapt quickly. Bring back their set bedtimes, wake up times and the routines that you would do in the morning before going to school. 


Get them involved

Another way to get your children excited for the first day of school is to get them involved in the process of preparing for school. Make a day of it and go out and buy their uniforms, shoes and school supplies. If they have a say in the school bag, lunch box and drink bottle that they get to take, they are more likely to be excited about getting back to school and using them. 


Have a day out

Going back to school means that there is a lot less time at home together. Have a special day out together before school goes back and enjoy each others company. Talk about school, how they are feeling about it and if there is anything you can do to help them. By knowing that you are there for them and supporting them they will feel more confident about going back. 

Kids Beach Day

Kids Beach Day


Talk about it

The thought of starting school or moving up a grade can be scary for your child. They may not openly talk about how they are feeling, but it is important to bring it up and see if they will share it with you. Talk about all the exciting things they will learn at school, the new friends that they will make and how many memories they will make. The more you talk about it, the more they will talk about it and it will make the process easier for everyone. 

Make the first day one to remember

You may not be able to determine how their first day at school goes, but you are able to make the lead up an enjoyable one. Make a special breakfast at home of their favourite foods or take them out for a breakfast at a local café before heading off to school. Spend the morning with them getting ready and making them feel confident about any concerns that they still have. And of course, take lots of photos. It is amazing to see the difference in your children from the first day of school to the last day of the year. 

Have you heard of the My First Day boards? They are a great addition to your photos of the first day and they make for great memories. Our My First Day of School boards are reusable meaning that each child can use them, year after year. They are stylish and are made from black acrylic to stand out in your photos. 

They are selling out quick so don’t forget to grab yours:

back to school milestone board

back to school milestone board


And remember, it is completely normal for you as a parent to also feel overwhelmed and nervous about the first day of school. Shedding a few tears is okay and let me assure you – you won’t be the only one. 

Enjoy the time with your little one before they head off to school. I can’t wait to hear all about the first day of school for many children in the coming weeks.

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