Five Steps To Getting Your Health Back On Track

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There is no denying that the recent crisis has been an assault on our physical and mental health. We have been exposed to unprecedented levels of stress that put considerable pressure on the body. Add to this eating and drinking the wrong things, and you start to see how Corona-life has really started to negatively impact our health. It was certainly not what we had planned when we were setting our health goals for 2020!

Stress, toxins and poor nutrition can lead to serious chronic inflammation and stubborn weight gain, and cause even the healthiest immune system to falter. All this at a time when we should be looking after our health more than ever.

As we pass the halfway point of the year, it feels like it’s time to press the reboot button, and move forward into the final months of 2020 with renewed health and vitality.

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Here are Mummy Mojo’s five steps to getting your health back on track:

  1. Take preventative measures to manage stress. Stress and anxiety can have an adverse effect on our health, particularly our immune system. Use mindfulness techniques to reduce anxiety and keep calm. Focus on what you can control in the present moment, and away from worrying about things in the future that you cannot control. Practicing meditation and breathing exercises will help to keep stress hormones in check. There are many mindfulness practices that you can do with your kids or incorporate them into your busy day.


  1. Give your gut some love. 70% of your immune system resides in your gut. When your gut microbiome is out of balance your entire system can suffer. Support a healthy gut by taking a good quality probiotic, and eat organic, nutritious food containing lots of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Reduce alcohol, processed foods, sugar, gluten, and other food allergens. Drink plenty of pure, filtered water. Genzon water filters are particularly beneficial as this system contains colloidal silver stones that help support a healthy immune system.


  1. Maintain balance in your life. During this period of lockdowns and restrictions, and with the boundary between work and home life becoming increasingly blurred, it has been hard to stick to any sort of self-care routine. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night, get daily fresh air, and exercise regularly. Set a daily routine that dedicates time to you and your self-care. Think about your physical, spiritual and mental needs, and book an appointment with yourself every day to honour them. All of these will improve overall health and build a strong immune system.


  1. Take immune-boosting supplements. Taking certain supplements such as vitamin C (up to 2 grams a day), E and D, Echinacea and zinc can help build a strong immune system. A lack of vitamin C has been known to increase susceptibility to viruses and add to an increased risk of influenza infections. To further increase absorption of vitamin C, including oranges, kiwi fruit, capsicum and pineapple in your diet. These are perfect for smoothies, lunch boxes, and after school snacks. Drinking bone broth is also beneficial to the immune system.


  1. Do a detox. A full body detox such as the 30-Day Mojo Detox from Mummy Mojo will clean up every organ in your body, boost your immune system, and help you release stored toxic fat in the process – just what you need to give your health a total reboot and get your weight goals back on track.

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This special edition winter detox with additional immune-boosting support is filled with delicious and nourishing soups, curries, smoothies and stews that the whole family will love. It comes complete with weekly meal plans, shopping lists, and a recipe book for every breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack, to make life that little bit easier for busy mums.

A clear head, deep, restful sleep, weight loss, glowing skin, a surge of energy and a general feeling of wellbeing are just some of the side effects of doing a full body detox. It is everything you need to reset your metabolism, smash your weight loss goals, and achieve your best health!

The 30-Day Mojo Detox kicks off on 27th July. Pop over to Mummy Mojo to find out more.


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