Fathers Day Australia

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Father’s day

Every year I am totally prepared for it – but this year I’ve totally left it to the last minute! I think because this year it falls on the 1st of September when usually it’s a few days later. Are you organised this year? If you still wanting some inspiration then here are some cool ideas that may help you for the last minute gift idea;

  • Car Shirt Back Rub
    • Get a T-Shirt with nothing on the back (either purchase a new shirt or recycle one from the wardrobe, just remember that the texta will wash out eventually).
    • Now use a sharpie or whiteboard marker to draw a figure 8 track on the BACK of the shirt.
    • Finally, arm your toddler with some cars or better yet some Monster Trucks (the wheels are bigger) and let them race their cars/trucks on dad’s back!
  • Take a photo of the kids in dad’s shoes on the back of the photo you can then write on it something like…. “If I could be anything I choose, Then I choose to grow Just like you in your shoes” or “Following in daddy’s footsteps” remember to include the date!
kids in dads shoes - The Mum Life
  • Let him sleep in!
  • Bake some DAD cookies, just use the letters D and A then let the kids decorate how they choose.
  • Buy a family camping voucher online. www.big4.com.au is a popular choice
  • Draw, paint or trace your little one’s hand and feet on a piece of card, write their name, date it and write a little note on how they are being a great father/pop/grandad etc
  • Make his favourite meal.
  • A handmade I Love Dad picture
    1. A piece of paper or card. On the card using sticky tape or masking tape and stick out the bits you don’t want to be coloured on.
    2. Paint, pencil or crayon the whole piece of card/paper. Once it is dry, remove the tape and you are left with a lovely keepsake (remember to date it)
Fathers day card with crayons - The Mum Life
  • Start a new tradition! it doesn’t need to be a first time Dad – but this is a lovely idea to keep doing year after year and could also be done for pop’s, grandad’s etc!!
    • Jump on the computer and create a “Things I Love About DAD”
    • Ask questions like, My Dads favourite thing to do is? My Dads favourite food Is? My favourite thing to do with Dad is? I think my Dad is funny because? My Dad i …old? My Dad’s favourite sport is?
Fun Facts About Dad - The Mum Life
  • Chocolate!! A stash of chocolate or a ‘Dads Bag’ from Darrel Lea which you can know get at any Post office.


Hopefully, I have given you a few ideas that may help you with some last-minute gift ideas for fathers day this year!.

But most importantly fathers day is best spent around loved ones, sometimes all someone wants is a nice long hug and a dad joke!!

Q: What animal can jump higher than the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

A: All of them!! Bridges can’t jump


Images from www.thegirlcreative.com www.icanteachmychild.com www.DominikaRoseclay.com
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