Fathers Day 2019 - Last Minute Fathers Day Ideas

Fathers Day 2019 - Last Minute Fathers Day Ideas

This Sunday is Father's day

Every year I am totally prepared for it - but this year I've totally left it to the last minute! I think because this year it falls on the 1st of September when usually it's a few days later. Are you organised this year? If you still wanting some inspiration then here are some cool ideas that may help you for the last minute gift idea;

  • Car Shirt Back Rub
    • Get a T-Shirt with nothing on the back (either purchase a new shirt or recycle one from the wardrobe, just remember that the texta will wash out eventually).
    • Now use a sharpie or whiteboard marker to draw a figure 8 track on the BACK of the shirt.
    • Finally, arm your toddler with some cars or better yet some Monster Trucks (the wheels are bigger) and let them race their cars/trucks on dad's back!
  • Take a photo of the kids in dad's shoes on the back of the photo you can then write on it something like.... "If I could be anything I choose, Then I choose to grow Just like you in your shoes" or "Following in daddy's footsteps" remember to include the date!
kids in dads shoes - The Mum Life
  • Let him sleep in!
  • Bake some DAD cookies, just use the letters D and A then let the kids decorate how they choose.
  • Buy a family camping voucher online. www.big4.com.au is a popular choice
  • Draw, paint or trace your little ones hand and feet on a piece of card, write their name, date it and write a little note on how they are being a great father/pop/grandad etc
  • Make his favourite meal.
  • A handmade I Love Dad picture

    • A piece of paper or card. On the card using sticky tape or masking tape and stick out the bits you don't want to be coloured on.
    • Paint, pencil or crayon the whole piece of card/paper. Once it is dry, remove the tape and you are left with a lovely keepsake (remember to date it)
Fathers day card with crayons - The Mum Life
    • Start a new tradition! it doesn't need to be a first time Dad - but this is a lovely idea to keep doing year after year and could also be done for pop's, grandad's etc!!
      • Jump on the computer and create a "Things I Love About DAD"
      • Ask questions like, My Dads favourite thing to do is? My Dads favourite food Is? My favourite thing to do with Dad is? I think my Dad is funny because? My Dad i ...old? My Dad's favourite sport is?
    Fun Facts About Dad - The Mum Life
    • Chocolate!! A stash of chocolate or a 'Dads Bag' from Darrel Lea which you can know get at any Post office.


    Hopefully, I have given you a few ideas that may help you with some last-minute gift ideas for fathers day this year!.

    But most importantly fathers day is best spent around loved ones, sometimes all someone wants is a nice long hug and a dad joke!!

    Q: What animal can jump higher than the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

    A: All of them!! Bridges can't jump 


    Images from www.thegirlcreative.com www.icanteachmychild.com www and Dominika Roseclay

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