School Lunches

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Get ready for School Lunches

Fruit break / Crunch N Sip whatever your state calls it, this usually needs to a piece of fruit or a small container (snack Size) that will sit on their desk separate to their actual lunchbox.

We like to use the small Tupperware snack cups with the lid, or the Sistema Klip It in 400m; size – these are a better size for carrot & celery sticks

Many schools won’t have cutlery so you will need to supply these as well – or make it fun and use some Food Forks! 

For lunches, I like to be organised and make a few different batches of snacks to freeze. Cooking up big batches of things like scrolls, muffins, and slices will not only save you money but will save you a ton of time in the morning. Plus the added bonus of knowing what’s in them #nonastys

You can also make sandwiches ahead of time and freeze them too (these just need to be glad wrapped individually, before popping into an airtight container. Ham & Cheese freezes really well – TIP – Don’t try lettuce!

If you just take a google search you can look up heaps of recipes for school lunches, or do as I do and grab Kat’s copy of LUNCH BOX RECIPES COOKBOOK. The cookbook includes over 50 freezer-friendly recipes that make for perfect no-fridge, no-heat lunches ideal for school, work, or even picnics!

Click here to go to have a look at the book yourself LUNCH BOX RECIPES COOKBOOK.

If you need to occasionally dress up your vegemite sandwiches then a sandwich cutter comes in really handy! My kids love these!! You can make sandwich shapes from cookie cutters, like stars, or their Initials, or even a dinosaur cutter Rahhhh..



Most of all – Have fun with School Lunches you may be doing it for 13 years plus!




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